Monday, March 23, 2009

What will you do?

I thought this list on Le Love was so adorable it made me miss having someone to make promises to. My friend C is getting married this year and "catch spiders" made me think of her because her fiance is definitely in charge of that. My list would be:

I will:
wake you up with kisses
laugh at your jokes when they're funny, laugh at you when they're not
let you leave the dishes till tomorrow...or whenever really

You will:
sleep in with me
play with my hair
give forehead kisses


Anonymous said...

I LOVE forehead kisses. My ex was never the type to give them. I should have taken that as a sign.

-Britt J

Lali said...

my X would great me with a forehead kiss....imiss him.

Nina said...

Yeah- they are my favorite. I used to push my head onto my ex's lips to make him give them to me. And then that turned into his favorite thing that i did.

And britt, dang those retrospect signs being so clear later!