Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today's Goal

I saw Lucy Liu today while shopping at BCBG on Fifth Ave. She was pint-sized and looked absolutely adorable. *Goal: Look more like Lucy Liu and less like a homely ogre that salesgirls snub.

I found the perfect dress (I want it in hot pink though) for my photo shoot with Kate in two weeks. Sadly, the dress didn't fit. I have to weeks to make it fit. Hence, the little salmon, rice, spinach, and mushroom bento box I made for dinner. (I still don't have plates so I used a takeout container). So yummy it almost canceled out the fact that I burnt my arm while making it.

Look out Domestic & Single! You've got competition in the kitchen! : )


Lali said...

is that a throwdown invite????

ohh when is miss Kate gonna be in town?

Nina said...

Hehe. I believe it is. : ) She'll be in nyc probably on the 27th.