Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my weird eating habits

I'm sitting at my desk eating breakfast after an awesome workout and I'm thinking if anyone were to look over my shoulder at my spread they would think it's pretty weird. I get these cravings for certain flavors and sometimes they don't go together but I have to have it anyway. So this morning I'm having an apple, 2 boiled eggs with fish sauce, and lox. Yeah, even I can see it's a little odd. My old roommates used to make fun of my eggs and fish sauce combo but I say don't knock it till you try it. It's perfect hangover food, especially if it's sunnyside up (I was too lazy today and I still don't own a spatula) with a side of rice. Or boiled with a side of sticky rice. Mmm.

(The eggs are all pock marked- I was super hungry and a little hasty with the peeling). This kinda brought back the memory of when I worked in an office and I used to piss people off because they hated the smell of eggs or fish. I'm glad I can eat whatever I want and be weird in the privacy of my own home...well, and the internet of course.

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