Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Paddy's 09

This St. Paddy's did not include a bull, gorilla, or leprechaun unlike last year. I wasn't really planning on doing anything but Brit called me at 3 PM from Brother Jimmy's (I know, I can't believe I was there voluntarily) and it's literally right next door to my apartment so I really had no excuse to not go. I would say I had a great time catching up with everyone but I really didn't because I ended up getting so drunk that I couldn't speak and just stood in the corner smiling at people. hmm.

I made an Irish Exit at 9:30 PM. Sent out a million texts that made no sense. Blacked out shortly after.

Woke up next to this guy. WTF?

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Bebe said...

lol don't you hate doing that, I make it a habit of leaving my phone at home when I drink bc if I don't I call or text random people :X