Tuesday, March 24, 2009

wanna do movies and elephants?

This is the text I sent my friend Tim earlier in the day. I must admit, I was feeling a bit bummed out from my resurfaced repressed emotions and movies and elephants sure cured the blues.

We saw I Love You, Man and I am going to be unoriginal and also claim I have a mini crush on Paul Rudd. He was just so perfectly awkward, geeky, and adorable in the movie. But of course, if this says anything about my poor taste in men, I was more attracted to the character of Sydney Fife, played by Jason Segel; the carefree, fun-loving guy who says all the wrong things, doesn't give a shit about anything, and screws a lot of girls. Hmm. Now if I could roll Peter Klaven and Sydney Fife into one person that would be my perfect guy. Anyway, movie was HA-larious and so worth Tim's money that he paid for my ticket. teehee.

Afterwards we went to watch the elephants march in on 34th St. It was FA-reezing cold and they went by so fast that if you blinked you actually missed them. But they were still fun to see and I'm hoping next year I'll see unicorns.

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pink~leopard~print said...

Ohh Paul Rudd how I love you so!!