Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Too much texting + runny nose = No thanks!

I don't play games. I don't follow rules. If I like someone I call them. Pretty simple.

Lately, due to the Time Out singles story, along with me being drunk and being a little generous with my phone number, my inbox has been cluttered up with messages from guys I don't intend on calling. I'm amazed at the persistence of some of these men, especially since I haven't been returning their calls, but I feel like that's the reason they are so interested. It seems I'm playing hard to get, except I'm not "playing."

As I mentioned before, C, the nose blowing guy, was starting to irritate me with his texting. I had hoped he would get the hint and stop calling. I got a text from him on Saturday saying, "Hey I might be near your bar later, would it be ok if I stop by?" Ehhhh. I was in no mood to see him. Especially on a busy Saturday night. I texted, "Sure, if you want. But it gets super busy on a Saturday and I wouldn't be able to hang out." Doesn't that sound like, "No, don't come," to you? Of course, he showed up. (And btw: He said he was "up by me." He was at a party in Harlem! I work in Midtown East!). I started to not feel well earlier in the night, I was feeling nauseous and dizzy, and did not feel like making conversation over loud music. He asked me how my move was. I said hell. He asked how my classes were going and I said I'm not in school. I walked away to tend to some tables and I received a text from him while he was in the bar! It read:

"Well, i feel purty dumb about thinking you were taking a class. I'd like to chalk it up to the limitations of text messaging, and not my inattentiveness...cause I think I'm a good listener, haha. Anyway I'm sorry u're not feeling well, and hope I haven't contributed to your queasiness, haha : ). I'll stick around for a bit, tho, if I can just say goodbye w/o bugging u, haha"

OMG there is just so much that's wrong with the text. The fact that he texted me in the first place, while we're in the same bar. The overuse of "haha." The fact that he wants to stick around even though he clearly felt he was bugging me. It gets worse.

I changed out of my work clothes, was planning on hiding from him, and hoped he would just leave after not being able to find me. No such luck. He said, "Oh are you leaving? I'll just close up my tab and walk you out." I said, "No, er, actually, I need to wait for my friend, cause, um, she said to wait." He said,"Oh ok then, well is it ok if I stick around and wait with you. I'd just love to catch up." For the love of God. I said,"You know, I'm really not feeling well. I was just gonna wait for her and head out. I'm not really up for conversation." He then said, "Just tell me the truth, do you want me to keep calling you, or should I stop?Be honest with me. I'm in my 30's, I take it."

Talk about awkward! My friend, H, says, "Seriously? If he's in his 30's he should know how to take a hint by now!"

On top of that his nose was glistening as if it was gonna start running again. You've got some issues, buddy. I can't deal.

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