Monday, March 23, 2009

A Room of One's Own

I've been a bit stressed out this past month with my move. I spent 2 weeks packing, 2 days moving, 5 days on the floor, and a month with no furniture or bedroom wall. Well, this morning my wall was built courtesy of Living Space. Hooray! No more sleeping in the living room! I love it so much I literally spent half the day laying in my bed staring at it.

(part of the wall)

Yes, that's Hello Kitty chillin' with Buddha. I read an article in Glamour a while back about things to hide before your man comes over and all things Hello Kitty was #10! Perhaps I'm doomed to be a "kitty" lady for the rest of my life.

M slept over last week and she told me I looked adorable hugging the shit out of Kitty while I was sleeping. So that's that. Kitty stays.


M ;) said...

Yea for Hello Kitty! She's so cute she needs to be around forever!

Lali said...

<3 the kitty. and the wall!