Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's not me, it's you.

My girlfriend and I were talking last night about how we can't understand why it's so hard for guys to be honest about their reasons for ending a relationship; especially when we clearly understand that it's over, have moved on, and kinda just want to know because your (lack of) excuse left us baffled.

I mean honestly, if C called me today and was like, "Really, what happened?" I would have been like you were nice and all but your dinner table nose blowing was a turn off paired with the over pursuing which was a combined deal breaker. Done. The simple truth.

And if X called me today and was like, "I'm happy in a new relationship now but this is still on the back of my mind, I wanna know why you finally broke it off for good?" I would have gladly told him, "You took me for granted, treated me like shit, you were more than likely cheating, I didn't think you'd amount to much, your child ate my bagel, and you didn't know how to spell 'allways' correctly."

In fact, goddammit, I wish that he would call so I could tell him that!


Anonymous said...

OMG the bagel! That was so bad, I'm glad your cat peed on his bed.

Nina said...

Hehe, I wrote that one just for you. : ) I'm glad my cat was able to do her damage before he KILLED her!