Sunday, February 22, 2009

No deal

I kinda went on an impromptu random date tonight. It was with this guy that I had met almost a month ago but just have been too busy to meet up with. I should add that from past experience, when I've been "too busy", it usually translates to if I liked you enough I'd have time, but with the only free time I have, I prefer to see my girlfriends. I was hammered when I met him, which should be another red flag, I didn't really remember what he looked like or what we even talked about at the bar.

So tonight he sent me a text saying we should grab a drink. Again, I said I was busy packing since I'm moving on Saturday. He said oh come on... And so I felt bad, having blown him off for a while, so I said I was planning on grabbing a quick dinner if he wanted to join me. He met me on the corner of the restaurant and at the very least he did look better than I had remembered. But I had remembered him to be not attractive at all.

We had a quick dinner, and I would say it was pleasant, but I should have gone with my initial gut instinct which was if I had put off seeing him for this long that I wasn't all that into him. To sum it up, he was really sweet. But he blew his nose at the dinner table. That's a deal breaker for me.


Lali said...

ah the nose blowing.

Emily said...

Ugh ugh!! Nose blowing freaks me out, regardless where or who is doing it, but definitely not on a first date. There's just a little too much reality in the moment.