Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Blind Date!

Ok so I've had a few interesting emails come in but one in particular caught my eye. I had been making jokes about how no one who wrote me would write anything about what we had in common or why they chose to write me out of 50 other girls. I was telling my friend, A, that no one would say, "I see that you swim a lot, so do I!" Or anything along those lines. Then I got the first email where the guy mentioned swimming, didn't come off as creepy, and sent a really funny photo to add to it. This guy, S, was the first guy I replied to. We had been emailing back and forth for a few days, and the more he wrote, the more interested I was.

We're finally going for a drink tonight. My first ever blind date. Gulp. Should I be holding a single rose? Would he see me from the door and turn right back around? I'm really excited but as it's getting closer (and I'm still sitting at the computer, haven't showered, with nothing to wear) I'm getting a bit nervous. What if he's not as cute as his picture? What if we run out of things to talk about? We're meeting in Brooklyn. What if I get killed? Haha.

"A" sent me a text saying "don't get drunk." Ok, so I'm going to this date with two Notes To Self.
1) Don't get drunk. (I need to make it home from Brooklyn, alive).
2) Don't sleep with him.

Shit, and I'm in heat. "A" says to masturbate before the date. Hahah. What's that saying? "Don't go out with a loaded gun."


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Lali said...

get off the 'net shower/pleasure and get ready!!!!

and he wont run, and you wontget killed.