Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wanna ride with me?

I was just watching a Project Runway rerun on Bravo this morning; the episode where Tim Gunn visits Leann in Portland and she takes him on a bike ride on a tandem bike. Seeing that bike just brought on a flashback of when I was younger and living in Thailand and my dad would take us on beach vacations and me and my 3 siblings would rent tandem bikes and ride it around the resort and inevitably fall a bunch of times. I can just remember the four of us laughing till our stomachs hurt. I can't recall the last time I rode a bike. Le sigh. I miss my siblings. And riding bikes.


Lali said...

A Cup Of Jo talks about them all the time on her blog!

find out where we can rent one!

i will take you on a date, picnic-sunbathing in central park and riding....


ohh or maybe we can double date and rent two!!!


Nina said...

Ooooh sounds like a date! Lets put that on the things to do list when the weather gets warmer.