Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is that what they're calling it these days?

I had the funniest text conversation with this guy I had been "seeing" on and off. By seeing, I mean, I see him, every now and then. Naked. He had heard, through the gossip circuits, about my date the other night. (Backstory: I was spotted at the date's apartment. I said I went up to borrow a book).

He (we'll call him TA) was a little uncomfortable hearing about my private life with others and so I texted him to say we won't bring up that topic again. Here are the texts that followed:

TA: So you're saying I can't come by to "borrow books" anymore? That "date" must have gone well.
Me: So many books out there to be borrowed. Don't worry, your books r my favorite.
TA: Just remember its the quality of "books", not quantity of "books". Some of those new and exciting "books" have ghanaria. ;- )
Me: I'll be sure to pick out a book that doesn't misspell gonorrhea. : )
TA: Well a fellow writer is a good start. Still, I think you spell checked that...I mean I can't spell clamidea either, but I know it burns.
Me: Ha. Well he hasn't called so I won't be returning his books. Don't worry. I put covers on all new books.

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