Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm going to buy earplugs today

I've absolutely had it! When I first moved into my apartment between 5th and Madison Avenue I was amazed by how quiet it was. It's on a busy street, there's a club next door, and I have a lot of neighbors. Suddenly, 5 months later....all I hear is noise! A baby crying down on the street (I'm on the 7th floor!), bass from the club, maintenance guys taking out the recycling, my neighbor vacuuming and playing music, people talking loudly at the elevator (right outside my door). Lately, 2 apartments are being renovated on my floor, and I live in between the two. The hammering, and sawing, and drilling, and worst of all, the workers talking and singing so loudly! I can't take it anymore!

I filed a noise complaint.

I officially feel like a crotchety old spinster.

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Lali said...

please leave the role of "crotchety old spinster" to me.ah the sounds of nyc.