Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Island has gotten too small for me

On my first blind date last week with "S" I ended up finding out that we went to the same college, knew some of the same people, and his roommate turned out to be someone I work with. Ok, definitely small world. For the past week or so I had also been emailing back and forth with 2 other guys who had written me at TONY singles who I found interesting. Through conversation with one of the guys, "M", I learned that he has worked with the other guy who's writing me, but the two of them have no idea that they're both talking to me. OK really? I mean what are the odds of that???

I told Mary this story, because I just couldn't believe my luck, and she replied via email, "8.2 MILLION PEOPLE and Nina manages to be emailed by 2 randoms that know each other through work and apparently don't communicate with each other very well."

What to do? Address the elephant in the room and tell them?

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