Monday, February 23, 2009


I was thinking today that my last few relationships have been a bit unhealthy and I think it was partly due to the fact that I was confusing my emotions with physical attraction. I think that if I had taken sex out of the equation I might not have been as into the person. So I decided today, with all the emotional confusion clouding up my head, that I would take a vow of celibacy, for an indefinite amount of time. I ran this plan by Mary and she replied with what I think was a bit of skepticism, "Vow of celibacy? You? What are you serious right now?"

I will only wear stretched out granny panties from now on, just to insure that there will be no temptation.


Frijolita said...

Hey now, some guys are actually into granny panties. Bridget Jones? Also, sex can complicate things A LOT. So I understand where you're getting at with the vow of celibacy. Good luck, but I suggest you take a visit to babeland and stock up on some new toys!

Nina said...

Don't worry, I'm all stocked up. : ) I hope I don't start confusing feelings I have for myself! Haha

Lali said...

haha you two are funny!

but N your soo right. do lent. 40 days no horizontal mambo

Anonymous said...

You gotta make sure they have period stains on them too.

-Britt J.

Nina said...

Oh gross! That sounds like a fool proof plan though! Better than a chastity belt!