Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Simple formula:

Well, as you know, I ventured off the island last night for a date. I think it went well. I didn't get mugged.

I got a text from Mary at 10:12p.m. that cracked me up:
"Dude ur in Brooklyn? Weird."

Today I gave "A" a brief summary via text:
Me: "Ps- I'm alive."
Me: "It was fun. He had me laughing and he made fun of me a lot."
A: Haha nice. Make fun of her=get to make out with her.

It's that simple.

1 comment:

Lali said...

haha yes yes, it works with me as well. and if i snort, well my panties may drop.

F is now on our singles blog.

i think we need proper recap on your date there! ;) like details and ish