Friday, February 27, 2009

Downside of being single: Back itches

I was talking with my girlfriend J the other day and I said that I do love being single, I love my independence, and I just don't have that much time right now to put into a relationship. But I said the only time that I do get a tad lonely and wish I had someone is the moment that I stop everything and lay down to go to sleep. I look over to my side and kinda wish I had someone there next to me. Especially the other night when I had the most excruciating itch in the middle of my back and I laid there, wriggling in my bed, trying my damnest to reach the itch. I thought to myself what a sad sight this must be. I grabbed a pen on my nightstand and was finally able to reach the itch.

I woke up with pen marks all over my back.

What do you guys miss having a boyfriend/girlfriend for?

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Lali said...

when i cook, and i realize as i am "plating" (yes i make the food look good on the plate) that its only me, and i have enough leftovers for a football team.

when i wake up on a sunday morning, wishing i had someone else there to snuggle with and enjoy being able to stay in bed a few more minutes.

when i am walking down the street at a leisure pace and actually get to look at things, i wish i had someone holding my hand and calling me corny.

when i cant reach things:(assuming he is tall) i wish he was there to get things from the top shelf and to change light bulbs.(so making frank change one on sunday)

and last:when i am in the shower, and i want/need my whole back scrubbed.


omg i just text my "secret" something that was not meant for him. i was thinking about him but wanting to text Mel-and i sent it to him. he is going to think i am a horny teen. ugh!