Monday, February 9, 2009

Moving on up!

I've been looking at apartments all weekend, not something I was looking forward to at all. The first apartment I went to look at, a studio on 81st and York, I waited 15 minutes, and the landlord never showed up. What a great start. My next appointment was with a broker at 3pm. I decided to call him 10 minutes before getting there since my last appointment flaked on me. The broker answered the phone and was like, "Who is this? I have an appointment with you when?" He had no idea who I was or that we had made an appointment. I have a bad feeling about this...

But he apologized and met up with me a half an hour later and I was pleasantly surprised. He was much hotter than his work profile picture. I was hoping he would show me a little more than the apartments, if you know what I mean, but unfortunately, he remained professional. A girl could still fantasize about getting it on on the hardwood floor in the middle of an empty apartment. *grin.

Ok, aside from checking out hot broker's ass, I saw some really great apartments. I'm putting in an application for a luxury doorman building with a pool, gym, and the most amazing view of the East River ever. Cross your fingers for me!


Lali said...

:) woot woot i am soo happy for you! can i swim in your pool??!!!

Nina said...

Of course! (It's $10 for guests) But I'm sure I could sneak you in! It's amazing