Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't send this text!

I got my arm twisted last week into going to dinner with this guy C, the one who unfortunately blew his nose at the dinner table. I don't have a lot of free time on my hands, and I wasn't interested in seeing him again so I haven't returned his "Had a great time" text. Last night while I was out with Brit I got another text from him that said:

"Really? I had that much more fun w/u than you had w/ me? J/K. Do hope that I hear from you again, but if not, it was nice to have met u, and good luck w/ the book!"

Um yeeeah. I could just see him editing this text to try to make it sound "breezy." I felt bad...even though his text definitely made me not like him even more... So I just wrote back, "So sorry. Been super busy." I mean, I know that leads him to think that I haven't called only because I'm busy, but you would think, seeing that I didn't leave it open with something like "call you soon" or "lets get together soon," that that was my brush off.

But then I got:

"Oh, no worries, luv! Sorry to hear it's been rough for u of late. But happy to hear from u at all! When things chill 4 u, we'll kick it :)"

I'm sure he's nice. But I don't like nice.

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