Friday, March 27, 2009

we tend to over think... just a tad

I was having dinner with Mary the other night and we were talking about how differently guys and girls think. Girls, when they meet a guy, within the first few minutes that they decide they like the guy, will think about whether or not they could marry this guy. I have no desire to get married anytime soon, but like ALL girls, if I like the guy, I will ask him his last name and see how it sounds with my first name. Every girl does this. Then, I will picture what our kids would look like. If he's too short, he's out. I'm short and I don't want midget kids. On the first date, we will listen intently to the conversation, filing away pieces of information that make us think, "He would totally fit in the picture of the life I want." Does he travel a lot? I want to travel too. He plays soccer? Ooh we could coach our kids together. Reads alot? We could have his and her library in our home.

Mary emailed me this beer ad yesterday that says, "Thank God you're a man," with the following illustration. It's so true!


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha. Love it. It's so true. I'm sending this pic to so many people.

I was JUST telling my girl friend not too long ago that I tend to be attracted to guys that I think I will have beautiful kids with!

Anything that I don't like about myself (short, pale skin, etc) he CAN"T have.

I think I'm finally over that now though. Especially because there's no telling what you'll get with genetics.

The guy I'm dating now is one of 7 kids. Some have really, really dark skin. Some are pale. Some have blue eyes, blonde hair. Some have brown eye and dark hair. All are skinny except one is fat - and always has been. One is bald.

All of his sisters are gorgeous. If his beautiful 32 y/o sister came up to me and said they had a brother they want me to meet, I'd say "Hell ya!!". If his fat 45 y/o brother said he had a brother for me to meet, I'd be like, "um, i'm not dating right now". LOL

-Britt J

Nina said...

Haha I'm glad you like the pic. The ad cracked me up because, seriously, all girls think like this. It's nuts.

You're gonna have to message me and tell me more about this guy. : ) xo

Moonjava said...

Lol, I love your midget comment! That's totally true for me too. Height is obviously the first thing I always notice since I'm barely over 5 ft.

Anonymous said...

that's hilarious. it is so true. i hate it...wish i could just be a guy sometimes--but not all the time, because i LOVE being a girl.