Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm having a pretty good start to the week. I had a lovely soul food dinner last night that sent me into an early slumber. This morning I had a meeting with NBC (Note: this is a tease, no details yet! haha) that went really well. Do you ever just meet someone who is just super cool and you leave thinking, "Wow, that was a really great conversation." Women are usually too busy hating on each other to appreciate just how awesome other women are.

While I was waiting for my meeting I was watching people hurry through the lobby, coffee cups in hand. They seemed to have such purpose. I was jealous. I thought to myself, "I wanna walk with purpose, coffee cup in hand. I wish I had a job." I would be able to pull out my ballet flats, Express editor pants, and colorful sweaters out of the "You don't have a job right now so you don't need these clothes" bin. I read this article by Dominique Browning today about life after being laid-off. It was unemployment so eloquently described and I felt I could totally relate.

I got home and put the coffee on and cleaned my room so that I could get a day of writing in. I finally unpacked my suitcase from Utah. (It only took me a week, which is record time). I cleared all the clutter, picked up my clothes off the floor, and swept the cat hairs. My room seemed to double in size! I always blame my clutter and disorganization on the lack of living space in NYC but then I see those people in design magazines who make their small living quarters oh-so-cozy (and cute, and organized) and I think I'm just full of excuses.

After I was done cleaning I worked for a few hours on my book. Next thing I knew I woke up with a space bar imprinted on my forehead. I had been struggling to write this chapter and even I was so bored by what I wrote that I passed out! Not a good sign. Ah well. I put another pot of coffee on and my editor pants for inspiration. Delete. Rewrite. Repeat.

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raven said...

good luck! i hope the nbc thing works out :)