Tuesday, March 9, 2010

knock knock...

I'm back in the grind, and back to the job hunt. I opened my "documents" file on my laptop and saw over 200 saved cover letters. Eeeeeyikes! And I've only had this laptop for about 2 years. My old one (that crashed) probably had over 500. It can be a little disheartening...Will someone please hire me already?? But the I saw this quote (below) that reminded me that this is that path I chose and I'm gonna bang on every door until one friekin opens.

“The door will close on you 900 times,” she said. “So you’ve got to keep your skin tough and your goals very focused. I walk into work every day and know I’m going to be challenged and inspired, and that’s the recipe for happiness in any job.”

Besides, I'm only at 700 doors so I've got a ways to go. : )

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