Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Shack

I picked up this book a few weeks ago because The Boy and I were having a debate about religion.  I was raised Buddhist, was atheist as a rebellious teenager, and then through my own choice decided to believe in Buddhism again. The Boy questions the existence of a higher being by asking me, "How can there be a God when evils like the holocaust and genocide exist in this world?" Or even what is his purpose in taking his friend away at a young age? I feel at times I've raised those questions and I didn't have the answer.

I was curious to see how the author of The Shack would  approach the topic of God in his novel where the main character, Mack, struggles to believe in God after his daughter was abducted and murdered. I thought it was a good story that touched on faith and forgiveness without referencing the Bible and getting too preach-y and religion-y.

Have you guys read it? What did you think?

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god hates you, so does New Jersey | Nina Christensen said...

[...] On the train home, I cursed everyone and everything I could think of; NJ Transit, train conductors, crying toddlers, drunk passengers, hot sun, my mom, wasps, and God. But as I sat on the train, ignored because everyone thought I had Tourette’s, I thought to myself, once again, I needed to take responsibility for my life and stop blaming everyone else. It is not my mom’s fault that she birthed me and thinks she can ask favors of me. It is not the toddlers’ fault that their cries do not sound like Sarah Mclachlan to your ears. Or maybe it does. Lastly, it is not God’s fault. I mean, have you read The Shack? [...]