Monday, March 1, 2010

my weekend...

I had such a lovely weekend. I met a friend at Stanton Social on Friday for some cocktails (I had champagne with mint and sherry) and a tapas dinner filled with some interesting combinations; octopus bruschetta (my fave), french onion soup ouches, mini corn "dogs" (filled with corn, no hotdogs), chicken and waffles, lobster pizza, warm donuts with caramel dipping sauce, and red velvet ding dong. Oh my goodness I was in heaven!

On Saturday, I took the train to Jersey to attend my friend's husband's surprise 30th birthday party. His face when he walked in the room was priceless. I was so upset that I had forgotten my camera battery on the charger at home. I caught up with my favorite girlfriends, imbibed 5 hours of open bar, and ate yummy football shaped cupcakes. My friends had me laughing so much that I actually popped my jaw out of its socket. (Yeah, it hurt). We ended the night with egg sandwiches and a slumber party at my girlfriend's (I will never get too old for slumber parties!).

Now it's back to work and sending out more resumes. Crossing fingers!


novelista barista said...

love the new layout btw :) :)

Meghan said...

I found your blog through the Novelista Barista - love your new lay-out and look! And I love tapas:)