Sunday, March 14, 2010

Food, Inc.

Oh my goodness, if you haven't already seen Food, Inc. I recommend that you do. I swear throughout the entire movie I sat there with my jaw hanging open and saying, "Oh my god, no way." I never really thought about the things I eat or where it came from so this movie was really eye-opening. It's sad to see that many people in this country (me included) have to make a choice between nutrition or price.

I fell asleep in the boy's nook and didn't get to see the end of the movie. I went out to dinner last night and while I looked over the menu I thought, "Great, I know what I'm not supposed to eat but I missed the part about what I should be eating." I finally saw the rest of it today and really want to make a conscious effort to change the way I eat and hope that would make a small dent in changing how the food industry operates.

Check out Hungry For Change if you wanna learn how to make positive changes in your eating habits.

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