Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a low key night

Last night I went to a book reading downtown with Miss Brit. We patted our backs for finding a non alcohol driven activity that was conducive to our careers. I met some very interesting authors and made some great connections. I'm still not feeling 100% so we planned on having a low key night and catching up. Read: I should learn by now that whenever I'm with Miss Brit and we say "low key night" it always turns out to be anything but. We grabbed a slice of mozzarella pizza and went to visit Little One in the East Village. From there we stopped by the opening night of a new bar called The Collective. Then we headed over to The Standard Grill for some champagne and meat (yum). Then we went to a bar in Turtle Bay for one drink before heading home. That's where I ran into TA which is a subject for another post.

The boy called me to say goodnight and was surprised to hear me shouting in the phone with loud music in the background. "I thought you were home?" He asked. "No, I told you I went to a book reading," I shouted. "Yeah but that was 7 hours ago!" He said.

"Oh, I made a few stops after that," I answered.

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Steph said...

meh, shit happens, right? LOL