Friday, March 12, 2010

movie night

I hadn't seen the boy in a week since I have been sick and he was immobile from a snowboarding injury. It felt much longer than a week since we're used to seeing each other regularly. Without seeing him, I kinda let my insecurities creep in and I started reading into every little thing. (Is he not texting as much? Does he not want to see me?) I knew I was being irrational but we're still in the new stage where absence makes the heart turn psycho.

I finally went to see him late Wednesday night and my crazy thoughts were put to rest. The week apart definitely did us some good, I couldn't keep my hands off of him. : ) We aimed for an Oscars movie marathon but only fit in two. We watched Crazy Heart which I thought was boring and unoriginal but he thought it was great. We also watched An Education which I thought was adorable but he couldn't get over the fact that the relationship between a man in his 30s and a 16 year old girl was unrealistic.

Tonight we're going to eat leftover Chinese and watch Food Inc. and Hurt Locker. Maybe we'll agree on one of these.

Have a great weekend!

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