Friday, March 26, 2010

still in...

So our plan last night didn't exactly work. Our friends finally know that we've hung out but I think they're still not catching on and I really don't want to spell it out. At least I did get a lovely date night out of it. The Boy and  had some drinks and then went out for Greek, which our neighborhood of Astoria is known for. We both had lamb gyros (delicious!) and I had an order of grilled octopus (A-mazing!) to myself since The Boy doesn't eat seafood (I know, this may pose a problem). At least he's a carnivore or else it would be over. I ate so much that I was quickly slipping into a food coma at the table so he drove me home. It was a "first" date.

(Image via Melissa)

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Steph said...

Doesn't like seafood is like "doesn't like candy" who can also be called "doesn't like bacon" ...wth, right? I thought men were supposed to eat everything :/