Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The following day (last Thursday) we woke up early to go snow shoeing. I had never done this before and was super excited, picturing snow shoes that look like wooden tennis racquets and playful Huskies running by our side. Apparently there are more modern snow shoes these days that make you look like you have your shoes on the wrong feet ( something I've done before so I made sure to double check). And, er, there were no playful Huskies just prancing around in the snow. Anyway, the mountains were absolutely breathtaking and snow shoeing definitely took our breath. I felt like the fat kid in gym class, having to stop every few feet to gasp for (amazingly fresh) air. At one point, when my thighs asked me why I hate them so much, I began to crawl. It was such a great workout and definitely a lot of fun.

Kate had "Going snowshoeing" as her facebook status and a friend commented, "I thought that said Snow Ho-ing." Hahah. Sounds like an activity us girls would participate in. ;)

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