Thursday, March 4, 2010

twisted heart

After meeting the boy a little over a month ago no one else has really compared to him. I've been walking around with a silly little smile and missing him the moment I walk out his door. But TA was still calling me and I thought I wouldn't really know if I was over him until I saw him. I met him out for drinks a few weeks ago and found out my answer. Compared to the boy...well, he just didn't. He doesn't listen to anything I say and did the same thing that always bothered me, he walks in front of me instead of beside me, taking my hand. I had declared to myself, and maybe 2 friends, that I was done with him. But recently he called and asked me to dinner. In the two years that we've been seeing each other he's never asked me to dinner. I was curious and I went.

Dinner was strange but mostly because it was not something we do. He did all the right things, he picked the restaurant, made the reservation, ordered for me (which I love). We went to the W hotel, where we met often, for drinks after. We never talk about our relationship but this time the subject came up. He asked me what I wanted. I told him it was never an option to ask anything of him. He said he had changed. He wants to start over and prove himself to me. I sat there not knowing what to say. I was thinking about the boy the entire time. But what do I do? With all that I've been through with TA, I'm curious to see how he would be with me if we really gave it a try. But my feelings for the boy has grown so strong already. Do people really ever change? Is TA too late?

My little heart is twisting and turning.


Sarah said...

give up on TA. Sometimes we love the people that we know aren't right for us, and it's hard to stop loving them. But do you really think someone can change that quickly? Stear your twisty heart to the boy.

nina said...

thanks, Sarah. I know you're right. The steering is the tricky part.

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