Sunday, March 28, 2010

me, 6 guys, and balls everywhere

Last night I met up with my old roommates and some of the other guys who lived in the building with us (total Melrose Place but with dirtier showers). I walked into the room and it was 6 guys and me (my kinda party!) and the first thing someone says is, "Hey, Nina! Are you gonna blog about this?" Haha. Only if they make it good, I told them. 

We headed out to Spin, a 13,000 square foot bar in Flatiron filled with Ping Pong tables and bleachers instead of seats. When I first walked downstairs I thought, "this is the weirdest shit ever." Just people hanging out, drinking, and playing ping pong. It was like some underground cult of freaks with paddles. (Yes, I was told I was being a little judgmental but that was my first impression). I am not an "activities" person when it comes to drinking. I just like to drink and, when the music moves me, dance. No talking (esp not on the dance floor), throwing (beer pong/horse shoes), hitting (ping pong), or arcade games (ala Brother Jimmy's).

I eventually picked up a paddle and would like to retract my original harsh judgements. Drinking and hitting balls is fun! (And slightly dangerous. Balls were flying everywhere! One even followed me home in my purse).

I love hanging out with the boys because they definitely don't hold back just because there's a little lady around. I always pick up new man lingo (mingo!) like "Penis kiss" and get to see all the sexy cell phone photos sent to them.

Spin NYC: Boys, bleachers, booze, and balls. It's like high school all over again!

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