Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 15: out of the jungle and off the wagon!

5:30 AM Watch the sunrise from bed.

7 AM Finally get up. Make coffee. No ants today. First time.

Pack my bags. Can’t believe I lasted a week here. It wasn’t so bad. I wish I had more books and more company.

I take a walk with the dogs. They run ahead again, looking back every few steps to see if I’m following. I walk to the pond where I used to go fishing with my dad. We would make fishing rods with bamboo sticks, tie fishing line to it, and cut a small square out of a rubber sandal to use as the buoy. We would go into the woods with a tin can and turn over logs and dig for worms for bait. He would make me bait my own hook. Mom wouldn’t come because killing animals is against her Buddhist beliefs.

10 AM Feed the dogs. Sticky rice, chicken bones, fish heads, and soy sauce mixed in hot water. Mmmmmm

2 PM Waiting for my flight back to BKK. Check in with mom. Ask for the furthest seat available from her.

2:30 PM Talk to Decha. He’s joining me with my mom’s friends for dinner. So excited.

6 PM Dinner with Mom’s friends. I actually really love her friends. They’re great to her and I can see how happy she is when she’s around them. They seem to lift her stress and she’s always laughing. Plus they tell me I’m pretty. : )

Realize I forgot my camera. : (

8 PM Rush over to meet Decha. I haven’t seen him in 3 years and am instantly reminded of why I love him so much. We stayed out drinking till 3 AM and went for porridge after. Mmm our favorite 3 AM snack!

While we eat we see a Thai girl screaming at her boyfriend. It was a huge scene and everyone on the street was watching. She slaps him 4 times and her friend throws rice on his friend’s head. So entertaining! Then she grabbed a beer bottle to hit him but someone snatched it out of her hand. That would have been entertaining! I couldn’t believe the guy stood there and let her slap him so many times!

Got home at 4 AM. Tried my hardest NOT to puke in auntie’s fish pond. Mom would have disowned me!

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Lali said...

can we just make a book off your time lines? i would read it!