Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 7- 8: Qatar, BKK, and Udon Thani in 5 hours

May 7

Arrive in Qatar. People watch. Barely see any women. The men stare. Only 2 hour layover! Used to chilling in Korea or Japan or 5 or 6 hours. Woopee!

*Earlier, as I was walking through JFK and then DOH airports I thought about how much I love being alone and traveling alone. I love being left to my thoughts, people watching, and listening in on their conversations. I love that I could pretend to be anyone I want to be and that I don't have to make small talk. A small part of me feels a bit lonely though. Sometimes I wish I had someone I could share these experiences with. Someone who would let me sleep on their shoulder or order me another wine so that I don't look like a wino to the flight attendant. As I sat in Qatar I finally opened my book and noticed a little card placed in between the pages. I thought who could this be from and instantly knew. Wifey had left me the sweetest note that warmed my frozen heart. I felt so loved and cared for. I thought if I never find that person to share my journeys with, at least I have a bunch of amazing friends that I would share cats with.

May 8

7:30 AM Arrive in BKK. Haven’t left the airport and still officially feel like the fattest Thai girl in Thailand. *Must lose 10 lbs. **In 11 days before I see my sister who is half my size.

Everyone around me is speaking Thai. I feel instantly comforted. I feel at home.

The heat hits me the moment I step outside the airport. I begin to sweat immediately and my clothes are sticking to me. Already.

I reach Auntie’s house. Shower. Eat Nom Jean Keaw Wan (noodles with green curry).

Shortly after, Auntie drives me back to the airport. The new one is only 15 minutes from her house. One hour flight to Udon Thani (Up Country) to see my mom and grandma.

Mom picks me up looking like a flash dancer (Read: Sequined shirt, peach orange pants). I hold back from commenting. Grandma came along for the ride. Mom said she wasn’t doing too well a few weeks ago, unable to walk or eat. She looked much better than I had expected, still quite strong and walking with a cane.

We stop to eat.

Mom fusses over me and grandma. I wonder if she’ll ever get a chance to stop being a caretaker.

Mom over orders. I tell her this. She says we could just pack anything that’s left for later. Ten minutes later I’m full. She says eat more, the food isn’t good if you refrigerate it. This is why I always want to put my head through the wall when I’m around her.

Try to go to bathroom. It’s a hole in the ground. This doesn’t bother me as much as the mosquitoes swarming around the hole do. I don’t want bites on my bottom. Decide to hold it.

7:30 PM Arrive at grandma’s. It’s so damn hot. I feel so gross and sticky.

8:30 PM First mosquito bite. It begins.

It’s so hot I have no idea how I’ll fall asleep. I have 7 more days here. Contemplate staying at a hotel. Grandma would call me a city girl. Besides, I couldn’t even afford it.

Too tired to shower but mom is making me. Said I wouldn’t be able to sleep all gross and sticky.

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Lali said...

i am sitting in the shop missing you something fierce.

we will get a puppy. and have a yard for it. and it wont be annoying.


love reading your time lines.